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The Merit® product line includes a variety of tee-lets and drop nipples for fire protection applications. Most Merit products are UL / ULC-listed, FM-approved and rated from 175 to 300 psi.​ 


Merit 300 Tee-Lets are manufactured from highly weldable steel which conforms to the chemical and physical requirements of ASTM A-53, Grades A or B, Type E. 


Merit Eliminator Adjustable Drop Nipples provide the user with the ability to adjust fire sprinkler assemblies (concealed, recessed, or pendent) to fit flush to the finished ceiling without having to cut a drop nipple or drain the system.

Merit's Unified Design Series carries all important design considerations into its entire line of welding branch outlet fittings. 


Merit® Weld-Miser™ Tee-Lets® are designed and Manufactured to reduce the amount of weld required to install the Tee-Lets on thin wall or proprietary flow pipe. Typically only one weld-pass completes the installation. 


Merit Tee-Lets install with less weld volume than any other brand of welding outlet fittings for fire sprinkler applications. To accomplish this:

• The contoured end of the fittings employs a reduced outside diameter. Two major advantages are immediately apparent:

• The thinner wall on the contoured end permits welding temperatures to be matched to the thickness of the branch line or main thereby insuring complete penetration without cold welds, weld roll-off, burn-through or excessive distortion.


• On smaller sizes a heavier section is maintained on the threaded end of the fitting. This protects the threads from damage during shipping and handling prior to installation as well as from weld distortion.


• Each outlet size 11 ⁄2" and larger, whether male or female threaded, cut grooved or beveled requires the same hole size in the header pipe. This simplifies the installation process.

MERIT tee-Lets & drop nipples
MERIT tee-Lets & drop nipples
MERIT tee-Lets & drop nipples



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