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laterales de acero forjado, tee guiada, tee bipartida, tee envolvente, silleta de refuerzo, figuras 8, figuras ocho, espaciadores, tee de flujo radial, bridas de anclaje, cruces, anillos de purga, bridas de desalineamiento,   Anchor Flanges, Barred Tee, Crosses, Drip and Bleed Rings, Elliptical Head, Figure 8 Spectacle Blinds, Full Encirclement Saddles, Hot Tap Tees, Misalignment Flanges, Paddle Blinds and Spacers, Saddles, Split Tees, Sweep Tees, True Wye Laterals


Customized and special manufacturing fittings made from carbon steel, chrome-molybdenum, stainless steel, Nickel Alloys and Titanium. Cast and Forged fittings available.

  • Anchor Flanges

  • Barred Tee

  • Crosses

  • Drip and Bleed Rings

  • Elliptical Head

  • Figure 8 Spectacle Blinds

  • Full Encirclement Saddles

  • Hot Tap Tees

  • Misalignment Flanges

  • Paddle Blinds and Spacers

  • Saddles

  • Split Tees

  • Sweep Tees

  • True Wye Laterals

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