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Sharpe® valves are available in many product categories including stainless and carbon steel ball valves; stainless and carbon steel fire safe ball valves, and control valve packages with all assembly taking place at the company’s plant located at its Northlake, IL, headquarters.

Sharpe® is noted for its technical quality, service by an experienced staff of valve specialists, technical support, and readily available inventory that allows for prompt delivery while eliminating long lead times.

The full line of valves is used by companies of all types and sizes involved in manufacturing, chemical processing, paper and pulp, petroleum, power generation, food processing and more.

  • High Performance Ball Valves

  • High Purity Tube Full Port Ball Valves

  • Special Service Ball Valves

  • Fire Safe Ball Valves

  • Flanged Ball Valves

  • Multi-port Ball Valves

  • Seal Welded Body Ball Valves

  • Butterfly Valves

  • Economy Ball Valves

  • Oil Patch Valves

  • LUG & Wafer Ball Valves

  • Cryogenic Ball Valves

Sharpe Ball Valves
Sharpe Ball Valves
Sharpe Ball Valves



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