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Anvil fire sprinkler seismic bracing solutions deliver the versatility to meet any project specification along with the quality you’ve come to expect from the leader in fire protection piping systems.

These products are built to meet the latest NFPA and IBC codes and include UL-listed, FM-approved and OSHPD Pre-approved solutions.

Our product line for fire protection seismic bracing includes:


Structural Attachments

  • Figure 771: Sway Brace Swivel Fitting Non Threaded 

  • Figure 772: Adjustable Steel Beam Attachment

  • Figure 778: Bar Joist & Beam Attachments

  • Figure 779: Multi-Connector Adapter

Pipe Attachments

  • Figure 770: Q Brace Clamp

  • Figure 775: Lateral/Longitudinal Brace Clamp

  • Figure 776: Brace Clamp

Pipe Restraints and Accessories

  • Figure 773: Surge Restraint

  • Figure 777: Swivel Joint Connector Rod Tap

ANVIL seismic supports
ANVIL seismic supports
ANVIL seismic supports



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