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From Mechanical/Industrial, plumbing and mining to energy and fire protection, Gruvlok® grooved products are designed to withstand the most rugged applications while providing durable and easy installation, and ultimately, saving time and money on any project requiring grooved over weld.

Through a combination of roll-grooving and two-bolt coupling design, Anvil’s innovative product line joins piping and other components into a single rugged yet flexible system. This makes Gruvlok products ideal for a variety of applications — particularly in tight spaces.


With a Gruvlok union at every joint, maintenance is as simple and flexible as the installation. Every component in a Gruvlok system is easily accessed and replaceable, so that you can make repairs without resorting to total shut-down.

Gruvlok has grown from the early days of standard couplings and fittings to today’s broad range of grooved product, plain end product, valving, pipe preparation tools, and various accessories.


• Provides flexibility above ground and below

• Reduces pipe assembly time 50% or more

• Provides union at every joint for easy retrofit and maintenance

• Leak tight joints Gruvlok couplings for grooved end pipe are available in nominal pipe sizes 1” through 30” and in metric sizes.


The variety of coupling designs provides a universal means for the connection of pipe, fittings, and pipe system components. The wide assortment of Gruvlok couplings and gaskets permits selection of the most suitable combination for a specific application, thus providing the most versatile and economical pipe installation.

GRUVLOK grooved fittings
GRUVLOK grooved fittings
GRUVLOK grooved fittings



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