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FlexHead Fire Pipe are flexible branch line pipe connectors used for uncommon fabricated pipe fittings. The FFP is available in pipe sizes 2”, 2-1/2” , 3”, 4” and standard lengths of 24” and 48”. The 24” length allows for one bend up to 90º. The 48” length allows for 2 bends up to 180º.


The FFP can provide an off the shelf solution for odd angled connections and can reduce the number of fittings and coupling needed to connect a branch pipe.

The FFP comes with standard cut groove or with the patented SLT Technology pre-installed with SlideLok 74FP couplings. With pressure rating of 300psi up to 3” and 250psi for 4”.

FlexHead flexible pipe
FlexHead flexible pipe
FlexHead flexible pipe



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