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flexball joint - junta articulada

The flexible connector is an effective solution providing piping systems with the required flexibility to compensate for thermal growth, vibration, or motion of equipment in the piping system.

The flexible connector has the unique ability to provide up to 30° total flex capability and 360° rotational freedom in a bi-directional flow design. It is designed for use in oil extraction systems using thermal processes such as SAGD (Steam-assisted gravity drainage), cyclic steam, THAI, and SAP.

High quality and cost effective, with enhanced mechanical and sealing properties, the flexible piping connectors provide reliable service in the most severe applications.

The ball joints provide an economical, safe, and reliable method of absorbing large amounts of single and multiple plane displacements including rotation.  Ball joints are an ideal choice for systems with vertical pipe runs and/or natural offsets. Ball Joints are available in sizes ranging from 3/4" to 30" for service conditions of up to 1000 psig at 750°F.  Designed ball joints can accommodate 15° to 33° of angular flex and 360° of rotation.

The ball joints employ the latest technology and are designed to meet the requirements of the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code as well as the ASTM F1298 (Standard Specification for Flexible, Expansion-Type Ball Joints for Marine Applications).

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