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Autmix Flow Mixing Solutions

Autmix Flow is an iconic division of the Autmix Industrial Group for innovation and development in finding agitation and mixing solutions for every industry. Through research, we find the best agitator design and manufacturing formulas for the most demanding processes, with a large number of successful case studies carried out in Mexico, United States, Spain and France.

Through innovation and research for the development of high technology, we create comprehensive solutions in industrial engineering with products and services tailored to meet the needs of each sector.

Our Flow, Process and Industrial IT divisions adapt to all the requirements and quality standards of various industrial procedures to obtain extraordinary results: with a vision of the future and sustainability.

  • Agitation and mixing solutions for every industry.

  • Vertical, compact and anchor mixers.

  • Impellers and dosing systems.

  • Flow Simulation Analysis project - Full analysis Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) 

  • Turnkey projects.

  • Industrial automation and industrial engineering.

  • Process engineering and industrial Cybersecurity.

The Autmix roots came from Spain, the best European technology with a manufacturing plant strategically located in Mexico to cover all the needs in America.

Autmix Industrial Group is the merger and evolution of the brands CFG Mixers (agitation and mixing technology), Pragma Engineering (process engineering) and AZ13, specialized in IT (automation and industrial IT).

Autmix Industrial Mixers and Agitators
Autmix Industrial Mixers and Agitators
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Autmix Industrial Mixers and Agitators



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