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The Anvil-Strut® product line includes metal framing channels, spring nuts, pipe and conduit supports, and fittings and accessories. Strut is designed to provide durable, dependable, and economical performance in clean rooms, satellite dish supports, x-ray supports, storage racks, theater screen, tunnel stanchions and offshore catwalk applications.


Anvil-Strut channels are manufactured by a series of forming dies (rolls) which progressively cold work the strip steel into the desired channel configuration. This method produces a cross-section of uniform dimensions with a tolerance of +/- .015" on outside dimensions. These channels are produced from prime structural steel and are ASTM approved. The channels are available as pre-galvanized steel, plain steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. Channel configurations of two or more elements are spotwelded, providing a wide range of combination options. The spotwelds are spaced two or three inches on centers throughout the length of the multiple channel sections.


Anvil-Strut channels are stocked in pre-galvanized and painted Supr-green. Some sizes are stocked in stainless steel, zinc dichromate, PVC coated, or hot dipped galvanized. Regular stocked lengths of Anvil-Strut channels are 10 and 20 foot, with tolerances of +/- 1/8". Other lengths are available upon request.

Anvil-Strut® Anvil-Strut complete line of continuous strut and strut fittings with channels, fittings and accessories can be used in a variety of small or large, light or heavy applications. They include:


• Clean Rooms

• Satellite Dish Supports

• X-ray Supports

• Storage Racks

• Theater Screen

• Tunnel Stanchions

• Offshore Catwalks

Anvil-Strut metal framing channels
Anvil-Strut metal framing channels
Anvil-Strut metal framing channels


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